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Originally Posted by direphoenix View Post
As of this posting all of these images seem to be working for me (of course, they work NOW). They weren't working just a few hours ago. Who knows if they will work in a few hours from now? The same for nearly every other image for this website.
Look at the urls. They're all coming from a CDN network. Probably was down or messed up.

Folks (and Cryptic/PeeWee I gather) think CDNs are a solution but seems like most often they're not. Third party sources, especially those from outside the network) can cause more trouble than they prevent.

At least that's my take on them.

As much as I dislike these folks, has a decent fall back system with their CDN. or at least they did when I moderated their support forums. if the CDNs starting throwing up any 404s, the system would fall pact to their network until the issues got resolved. be it down servers, overload or whatever. At least that's how it was supposed to work. Wasn't perfect but....
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