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07-18-2012, 11:30 AM
People in Eve have become million if not billionaires in real life by selling in game items.
No they haven't. Some have made thousands, but thats it

on the bright side. at least our fleets are not as crazy as the corps in EVE. those guys are nuts. even going as far as cutting off the power to a rival fleet leader right before a huge battle. did they manage that exactly? Thats a good way to end up with the cops knocking at your door and a ticket for a 72 hour psych evaluation

Not really. People who put the most resources in to maxing the fleet base should be the first to benefit from the work. Should some jackhole who contributes 3 doffs and 250 dilithium in a month have the same ability to grab a limited reward as a player who dumped 30 DOFFs and 100,000 dil into base projects?

I don't think so.
different players have different access to resources. not everyone that kind of funding laying around. in a way, you're talking about powergaming the system

Those ships represent a lot of hard work by a lot of people. Is it not fair to give the first rewards the ones who put the most effort in?
not if those people are the rich ones who can afford to dump massive resources into projects when other players can't

It's not like you were left with no options. Talk to your fleet leader and ask for permission
you shouldn't need anyones permission to use what you paid for

"It was determined that 'The Enslaver' and his Avatar-class Titan had to go. I was approached by one of the leaders of Red Alliance to help make this happen, but almost immediately we were down the rabbit hole. Much to my surprise, the RA director didn't want in-game information from me; he wanted us to use the forensic resources of our intelligence agency to trace down The Enslaver's home address. At a coordinated time, armed with this information, a RA member would apparently cut the power to The Enslaver's house in the real world, and in EVE a RA capital fleet would assault the abruptly pilotless Titan. Yikes."
like I said, thats a good way to have the cops knocking on your door at the very least. there are people that would shoot you for showing up at their house doing something like that