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Originally Posted by lazarus51166 View Post
different players have different access to resources. not everyone that kind of funding laying around. in a way, you're talking about powergaming the system
If you can't contribute on equal footing with other players in a fleet, than you should probably find a fleet more in line with your ability to contribute.

In my opinion, people who are willing to grind or have horded up their trace samples, doffs, turrets, or dilithium and then freely contribute the most to the fleet projects should have the first shots at fleet ships.

Someone who doesn't contribute as much isn't a less valuable fleet member or human being, but it is pretty silly for them to expect to get first shot at a fleet ship if they haven't contributed much of anything up to the point the fleet ships become available.

Originally Posted by lazarus51166 View Post
you shouldn't need anyones permission to use what you paid for
I don't even know what you are talking about here. The number of ship provisions available at any time is limited by the fleets ability to earn provisions by completing the correct projects. Therefore, some prioritization method has to be used in determining who gets the 5 available out of (example) a 15 man fleet. You aren't asking for permission to use something you paid for. You are contributing to a shared pool in order to earn access to a fleet ship provision. Once you have the provision, you still gotta buy the fleet ship, and that is all on you.

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