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07-18-2012, 01:39 PM
I just don't like the term, not only because of its association with the character Klink. It's an "endearing" racial slur for the Klingon people, I guess, but it annoys the targh out of me everytime I hear it. I don't really say anything or make a big deal out of it because it seems I'm the only one bugged by it. It just sounds stupid to me. But like I said, I don't throw a fit over it, I just don't use it myself and hope it catches on (it so obviously won't; the term is here to stay forever).
tugh DIvI'raj ram charghchu' wo'maj HoS 'e' vIlay'. bIQ borur Hoch. tera' wIDoqmoHmeH Human 'Iw wIlo' 'ej vulqan wISuDmoHmeH vulqangan 'Iw wIlo'. 'anDorDaq HIqmaj wIpol. 'etlhmeymaj bochmoH taHwI'pu''e'. nuch puj tlhIH. Hegh neH 'e' boqotlh.