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Originally Posted by capnbludd View Post
I'm looking forward to seeing the response to this list since there seems to have been no expense for most as opposed to what the op says, good job on all that info.

Since these ships were acquired over a two and a half year period I am trying to remember how I actually acquired the ships listed above. When I buy ships I tend to buy them out of the blue and not a huge plan involved. It is more like "oh new ship... buy it."

Also, the game is different now in the way ships are acquired since F2P has been adapted to the game.

The Klingon carrier, I know I paid for the variant skin, since my main KDF toon has it.

Also, the K7 variant I had to pay for that.

However, I went through the list of ships and notice that some ships have a Z next to them and some do not.

I presume the ones with Z are Zen store ships. The ones with Need dilithium to purchase are not zen store ships.

The game gave me a token for either the Marauder or the Fleet Support Vessel (Gorn science ship). I never bought that ship from c-store[the Gorn ship].

I was wondering if that was a mistake.

Part of the confusion is the acquirement of the ships occurred over the two and a half period of time.

Thank you