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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The above changes apply to Energy Weapons only. No effect on Plasma torpedoes/mines.
Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid Dual Heavy Cannons MK 11 haven't had their Plasma DoT damage adjusted similar to other Plasma weapons, it remains at the old value.

The tooltip for Tetryon is the exact same on Holodeck and Tribble, I'm looking at the Phased Polaron Dual Cannon MK11 and Common quality Tetryon Dual Heavy Cannons MK XI, both show the exact same shield damage in their tooltips, 161.6 for me.

The Tooltip for Polaron weapons is the exact same on Holodeck and Tribble, 2.5% to proc -25 All Current Power Levels. This goes both for regular Polaron Weapons, Borg STF Polarons and Phased Polarons.