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Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
[*]Updated Ground and Space Energy Weapon Procs.
  • Most were improved in effectiveness.
  • Ground and Space Plasma DoT procs and Tetryon Shield Damage procs were significantly increased.
  • Plasma DoT procs can now be improved with skill.
  • Space Polaron now Debuffs subsystem power for 5 seconds.
  • Ground Polaron proc duration was doubled.
Plasma Dots on Energy Weapons in Space still need to be increased. I'd say, personally, at least a max (with training) of 100 per second.

Right now, with Plasma beam Array I can get it up to Maybe 21.2 per dot. With 3 Plasma Consoles About 25 with 4 Consoles in an Escort. Fire at Will actually REDUCES the Plasma dot to 10.

Plasma torpedoes seem to be right where they should be. My Plasma Torpedo's Dot with 3 consoles is 1671.4 And if I Torpedo: Spread 2 it goes upto 207.3 per tick.

So again, Either A: Increase Plasma Energy Dots MORE, or make it so that Fire at Will and/or Beam overload Increases the Dot Drasticly higher.
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