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07-18-2012, 03:55 PM
This is my reaction on the same topic, please continue there to keep the topics limited

I have the same problem with my federation character, but not with my klingon toon.

The problem I've noticed is that all the way through the beginning, until right before taking the turbolift to the conference room, the mission status says: Second Wave: "disarming diplomats" and the flee circus mentions the same: "disarming diplomats".

If you then take the turbolift, the mission status should mention "conference conflicts" but it doesn't. The mission status still mentions "disarming diplomats" but it should mention "conference conflicts" as in the flee circus. As long as this doens't change, you cannot continue the mission. So don't convince the diplomats, don't fight your way through to the dock and don't battle outside. It won't change a thing. You keep wasting your time.

Once you see that the mission status doesn't change into "conference conflicts", restart or give up.

Why my klingon toon did the job from the first try, I can't tell.

It's sad to see that Second Wave and Cryptic don't even try to solve it, nor do they answer my hails.

This is a link to the walkthrough