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Originally Posted by switchngc View Post
They can call it whatever they want, but it is still a Zen Store since you buy with Zen. There are no more Cryptic Points and the icon is Zen. Zen is not a Cryptic currency (it is a PWE currency that has been around since well before Cryptic was bought by PWE and the only reason Cryptic is using it at all is because PWE, as their parent company, is forcing them to). They could call it the "you aren't being suckered store" for all I care, doesn't mean it is true. That would be like me opening up a "Dollar Store" in Mexico City but only allowing you to pay in Pesos, might as well rename it to the Peso Store.
It's called the C-Store because it's the store used in all Cryptic games. You can't use the C-Store to buy things in Perfect World or Rusty Hearts for example.

You use it to buy Cryptic items from. Just like how you might go to a HMV in the UK and buy something, you could also do so in the US, even though you would pay in different currencies in each.

It was never called the Cryptic Point (the currency) store. It was the Cryptic (the company) store.
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