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Originally Posted by a3001 View Post
to pop the question: you guys gunna update the cryptic points / zen conversion?
He probably will at some point, since Cryptic points are now replaced by Zen.

Oh and Spidermitch, here's the new blog with the stats of the upcoming special ships:

And yeah, the Mirror Universe Assault Cruiser and Star Cruiser are supposed to look like the other version, along with have the other's stats. That is intentional.

Also, the MU ships will be able to use the standard options of the regular versions (just in MU style). This includes the C-Store ship costumes (Star Cruiser Nomad costume can be used on the MU's 'Assault Cruiser', ie the Star Cruiser)

Plus, if you've gotten it, the MU skin can be used on the regular versions.

It's fairly confusing, yeah, but that's how it is
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