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Originally Posted by vinru821 View Post
how close minded.

I couldnt care less about accolades, so im a noob? lol

ok ok I admit ONE of my 7 toons did the accolade grinding a little. but it is so damned tedious, that I refuse to do it with the rest. They give you poop bonuses.

It is silly for people to look at accolades for a sign of a players 'noobness', maybe not all of us want to waste so much time on so little.

I think ill rainbow it up and change my ship to the I.K.S. Trololol
I don't think it's close minded at all. And you have to read the whole post. Low accolade doesn't necessarily mean Noobe. Low accolade + rainbow/technicolor/skittles + some high dollar shiny poster board ship status symbol like an oddy = noobe. Few veterans would equip a ship with rainbow/technicolor/skittles even on a different toon unless he just wants to farm or run hide like many that I've seen.

I've done thousands of STF space, almost no grounds. The rainbow technicolor skittle weapons are epidemic. There are a few builds can actuall make them work but not many.