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07-18-2012, 05:41 PM
i have to say i agree with a number of people on this thread, what perfect world has done here is wrong by anyones standards.

in recent weeks people like myself have paid cash for ships because they were led to believe those ships were top tier ships. now we find out those ships are no longer top tier and that you guys never intended them to be, point in case the HEAVY ESCORT CARRIER which only came out in the last few weeks. now theres the fleet version which u expect people to pay zen for ok u say its at a discount but considering the length of time between the the 2 releases ie HEC and fleet HEC people who bought the HEC before season 6 should get the fleet version for free, same for any cash store ship people have bought before the season 6 update. to do anything else is a kick in the teeth for your oldest and subscribed players as well as the new.

come on perfect world sort your heads out and remember we are people not just wallets/ purses for you to dip into. treat your gamers with a little respect and fairness and they will reward you with loyalty and their spare cash willingly.