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07-18-2012, 06:49 PM
Originally Posted by ahnald View Post
This has been happening to me ever since linking Cryptic account to PW account. Immediate result of that is cannot login to game and am now getting this "Too many attempts" nonsense.

"Too many attempts" has been displaying now for hours.

Like someone said, since they don't state the duration of the lockout, you'd think this would last for 5 to 10 minutes or some typical lockout period measured in minutes; not hours, days or weeks.

I called a phone number for PW. After listening to the prompts, I pressed "0" to reach the operator (as prompted) and was immediately dumped in to voice mail. Four similar attempts like this over the course of 7 hours and got the same thing.

Perfect World is being very dodgy and misleading.
^^ Same exact problem here. I went on hiatus from STO for about 3-6 months; during which time the rights went to PWE I guess. I played STO for about a week just using my Cryptic info and putting off linking accounts. Now, I have a "standard" and "college" email that I use. I wanted to link my Cryptic account (which uses my "standard" email) to my PWE account also registered with the "standard" email. Having not played a PWE product in forever, I requested a password retrieval, and received nothing. When doing password retrieval on Cryptic, the email came right away. After waiting 12-16 hours for a password reset email from PWE, I submitted a ticket, and within a couple minutes the confirmation email of the ticket was sent to my "standard" email right away. This was four days ago, so today, since they have that "SNAZZY" reward for linking accounts, I decided to link my Cryptic account (still using "standard" email address) to my registered PWE account which uses my "college" email address; it worked, or at least said successful. Then upon attempting to login, when I try to enter my Cryptic login info, it says to use my PWE account, when I try to use my PWE account it says invalid username or password, or did for the first few times; now I'm stuck at the "please try again later" BS nonsense.

To top it off, my fiance is able to log right into her STO without any problems... of course, she JUST started playing STO, and her account was originally created via PWE to begin with. :/