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Originally Posted by Rgoodfel View Post
Honor, is the evaluation of a person's trustworthiness and social status based on that individual's espousals and actions. Honor is deemed exactly what determines a person's character: whether or not the person reflects honesty, respect, integrity, or fairness. Accordingly, individuals are assigned worth and stature based on the harmony of their actions, code of honour, and that of the society at large. Honour can be analysed as a relativistic concept, i.e., conflicts between individuals and even cultures arising as a consequence of material circumstance and ambition, rather than fundamental differences in principle. Wikipedia

So it is possible for a Klingon to loot bodies an be totally honorable, because what is considered honorable can differ between cultures.
If Feds can't "loot" we'll "explore" the corpse, try to pull some diplomatic strings on it and integrate it into the federation ...and everything goes to us Feds It all depends on the point of view