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# 19 Still Not working
07-18-2012, 09:39 PM
Yeah just started this game like 2 weeks ago got to this mission and I have completed it 5 times now with no luck. The last 2 times after the initial 3 was just trying a few things that have been mentioned here. It is kind of disappointing that they can't seem to fix it. I was really getting into this game. I just quit 2 other games that are full of glitches like this. So now to search the forums and see how many it has and decide if I want to keep playing and to spend money on it or not. I realize all games have glitches; it is the customer support part that is the key. I just got burned by other game companies spending money and never getting any support at all. I realize you can skip the mission...but if you can't play it they need to take it out and move the mission "prizes" to the mission before it, like a double bonus or something. Actually i like following the story line so hopefully they will fix it. It has sure stopped my game play in the mean time. Guess I might come back to it in a few days and try again. Sorry for the wall of text - Just trying to get my point across......