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High Command

Our young Empire is a force at war, fighting adversaries who threaten our foothold on a new civilization and way of life. The most significant aspect of our current strategic reality is that the struggle with domestic and mirror forces in which we are now engaged will be a protracted one in which we will find ourselves often in conflict with intimately familiar adversaries.

The Imperial Armed Forces's primary mission is to provide necessary forces and capabilities to the combatant commanders in support of the Universal War and Expansion Strategies. We have hundreds of thousands of soldiers deployed or forward stationed today to support combat operations throughout both universes to deter aggression while securing the gains we've already established. We are fighting today while simultaneously preparing for tomorrow.

To continue to accomplish our mission, we are aggressively restructuring the IAF. We are transforming from a force designed for contingency operations in the post-Rebellion era to a force designed for continuous operations in a time of discovery that presents challenges to our Empire ranging from traditional to potentially catastrophic.

The IAF is dependent upon the resources procured up until now from supplies procured via our Emperor and the People of the Senate, coupled with emergency supplemental appropriations, to support current operations. These resources will also enable the force to recover from the stress placed on equipment and Legionaries during combat and continually "reset" itself for future deployments. Moreover, these resources are required to continue to transform the IAF into a larger, more powerful force built on self-sufficient legion-based modules. This force will be more flexible, more rapidly deployable, and better able to sustain the protracted military campaigns and conduct the joint expeditionary operations required by the current security environment.

We are sustaining our universal commitments while making tremendous progress in our transformation. We will need the continued support of the People and Senate to accomplish our mission today and tomorrow while providing for the well-being of our Soldiers, their families, and our civilian workforce who are serving the IAF in this time of war.

-Legate Maximillian Labienus
► About
The 47th Legion is a military themed, North American based player association rooted in the mythology of the mirror universe's Terran Empire. The 47th engages in a wide variety of in-game activities to include PvE, PvP, crafting/trading, STFs, socializing, and server events.

The 47th prides itself on professionalism and esprit de corps which are our core principles. We hold our Legionaries to a high standard and prohibit any and all types of exploiting and cheating.

Teamwork and collective effort are mantras the 47th lives by. We quest in a squad, move in a squad, and we all do what we can to contribute to the unit. Our Legionaries provide materials for the crafters, who in turn provide gear back to the Legionaries. If you like to go and do things your own way, then the 47th simply isn't for you.

When you join the 47th you cease being an individual; you are now part of the most highly trained conventional combat unit on Rhyldan.
Remember, if you are looking for an active, organized, fun, and professional guild, then you've found it in the 47th Legion!

► History
The 47th was originally established in 2007 as an offshoot of a Star Wars Galaxies guild from the Chilastra server.

By the time of the NGE a lot of interest in SWG had been permanently lost. A deployment or two later I became highly interested in Tabula Rasa and chose to start my own player organization for the game with a few SWG guildmates which came to be known as the 47th A.F.S. Expeditionary Force, or 47th A.F.S.E.F..

Around the time of TR's closure Earthrise caught the 47th's interest. We waited for Earthrise for over three years and were finally able to step foot on Enterran soil at game launch.

Unfortunately Earthrise was plagued with launch issues, lacked basic and rudimentary features, had an extremely unoptimized client which ran very poorly, had a small community, and incredibly slow patch releases. In June of 2011 we decided to quit Earthrise.

Moving on from there we briefly dabbled in Star Wars: The Old Republic though in the end the game was simply the antithesis in design of everything we actually enjoy in a MMO.

We've been in and out of STO three or four times but haven't been willing to fully jump into the pond until now. With all of the new systems and content we came back to we're finally ready

► Concurrent Operations
The 47th currently has legionaries deployed in World of Tanks, Fallen Earth, and Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

► Features
▪ Professionally Built Dynamic Website
▪ vBulletin Forum System with vBadvanced CMPS Plugin
▪ Dedicated 24/7 Private Ventrilo Server
▪ Personalized E-Mail Address
▪ Regularly Scheduled Training Exercises and Field Missions
▪ Unit Supply Section

► Role Playing Light
The 47th's style of roleplay is what we've coined "RP Lite." What this means is that we subscribe to a more moderate form of roleplay. More specifically, we ask our Legionaries to be "in character" in spatial/local chat but will not require anyone to be "in character" in any team, unit, or other such affiliated chat channels. We also do not require any Legionaries to be "in character" on our forums aside from the designated roleplay forum. "In character" chat is strictly forbidden on voice comms. The bottom line is that we want to present a degree of professionalism in public spaces and limited roleplaying allows us to do just that.

► Eligibility Requirements
▪ Must be at Least 19 years of age (exceptions considered on case by case basis);
▪ Willingness to engage in PvP;
▪ Willingness to casually roleplay; and
▪ All alternate characters must be tagged with the unit.


► Fleet Starbase & Provisions
Our starbase is currently at tier I with tier I military and science complete as well. Tier I engineering should be achieved shortly. Our transwarp gateway and shipyard are currently under construction as of star date 310397.3202539971 (1357 CDT, 08 AUG 2012).

Unlike many larger fleets, we allow all legionaries to acquire starbase provisions once they have achieved the rank of Miles Gregarius (E3) which happens very quickly (roughly two weeks of good, active game time after enlistment).

The starbases offer a lot of cool things and we don't want to deny any of our members the equipment and content they seek!

► Current & Prior Service Friendly
The 47th is a great environment for current and past members of the armed forces and their families. Many of our Legionaries are prior service (I personally served in the U.S. Army for seven years as a 19D Cavalry Scout: FIRST TEAM!) and enjoy being around other prior service Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines; we welcome and encourage you to join!

► Rank Referral Program
Active duty Legionaries who refer a successful enlistment to the 47th will be promoted one rank and grade up to and including Miles Gregarius (E3).

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