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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Actually... I did not really get why C-Store purchases were account-wide unlocks anyway.

I mean, obviously I enjoy that I can buy a ship once and get it for every toon. But if there was an option to buy a C-Store ship at, for example, half price, which would only unlock it for one character... I'd probably choose that one most of the time.
To encourage alts, which they make money off of via inventory unlocks, characters slots, etc.

At this point, the core customer base already has all the alts (and the various C-store upgrades) they'll ever need. They needed to find a new way of monetizing their core base, so they start charging for individual character locked ships for all those alts they previously encouraged you to make (which you are now financially and emotionally attached to).

Something to keep in mind, sales executives are devious and generally w/out morals. They employ bait and switch tactics all the time. Their job is to bleed you of every dime they can.

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