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07-19-2012, 08:49 AM
Originally Posted by gypsyblade View Post
Seeing that we had nearly no notice of the "purge" of older items.. I don't think their business model was buy now.....
From the day the Lobi store was put in, they specified this would happen.

From very first FAQ about it explained how it would be refreshed and items taken down/put up in their place. It was also pretty obvious this was all tied thematically to the lock box of the moment, so it wasn't really surprising that it was about to happen (since lock boxes change almost like clockwork).

I believe their reasoning is to keep these items somewhat rare - this time, they kind of tanked in many ways, and this way they can keep them in a bit more demand so they can reissue them later in some other form. Basically, instead of going into old C-Store items for rewards, they are making up new ones we will see in rotation.

That said, the way the system works is not my choice - but it does make a certain amount of sense, and they have been very up front with it since the introduction of the Lobi store.