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07-19-2012, 09:03 AM
If I understand it correctly, I interpret it towards old stuff being air-locked.
Good thing I have already 'gotten-what-I-needed'...
I.e. bling for the female avatar, the whip, etc. etc. etc...

-but I agree, that completely removing these items from the store, makes little sense to me.

There shouldn't be any reason for removing things like clothing items. Yes, yes, there are some of us players that don't mind dolling up with stuff that won't buff resistance and damage etc. etc...

It can't be a bad thing to have a lot of alternative clothing in a galactical 24th century.
I don't mind they take the Ferengi shuttle and show it up somewhere dark, though. that must be the greatest waste of lobies I have ever used. A Ferengi would be proud of Perfect World for pulling that one off.
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