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07-19-2012, 11:03 AM
So the Excelsior Refit has more hull - I still fly an Odyssey. Why?

Because I don't play my ships based on every possible calculation of how I can maximize absolutely everything. If you like the way a ship looks and handles, play it. If a ship has the number and type of consoles that allow you to use your favorite abilities, play it.

The Excelsior Refit is not overpowered, if it was then in PvP it would be the last ship standing, when in fact it isn't.

If you enjoy spending every moment of time calculating every last bit of bonus you can from your ship, great more power to you.

But if you enjoy playing the game for other reasons, that's great too.

Personally I'll keep my Sci Odyssey.

Also keep in mind that DPS numbers are only accurate while you're in the fight. Too many people load up with incredible DPS, but forget that they then need to spend 1/2 the fight out of weapon range repairing, thus cutting their effective DPS in half. Thus a ship with a lower DPS, but greater survivability is frequently the better choice in the long run.
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