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Originally Posted by eklinaar View Post
It's definitely from the time the assignment completes. There have been a few times where I picked up recruitment assignments, then didn't log in for more than four days, came back, turned them in, and started them again immediately.
Well, that's good then...

It would still be good if there were a visible cooldown timer, of course.

And it seems to me like you should really just be able to do the mission again immediately when it completes. I mean, why have to wait ANOTHER day to start it, when you've already waited like 2 days for the mission to complete? Why not just say flat out the mission TAKES 3 DAYS, and then when it's done it's immediately available to be restarted rather than having a hidden cooldown that's NOT part of the stated mission length when accepting the mission? Know what I mean? That is, the mission says it takes about 2 days, but really it takes 3 days including the cooldown. So, why not just make it be 3 days, flat out & immediately available again, or just get rid of the cooldown (2 days is already a long time to wait)...

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