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Originally Posted by nynik View Post
Having ZERO fps issues. They look interesting, but hardly fit to appear everywhere.

Turn down your bloom, it may help your eyes.
Just tested "Empire Defense: Romulans" with bloom, light and shadows turned completely off and the white blobs still sent my FPS to hell. Makes it impossible to play the mission efficiently.

My hardware specs are not the problem, as I've had no FPS issues in the past with any of the MMOs I play, up until these white blobs started showing up. I wouldn't say everywhere, but I have seen them in a couple maps.

EDIT - Links to my screen captures (ongoing):

Azure Nebula (July 15)
B'Tran Cluster (July 16)
Azure Nebula (July 19)
Chos Nebula (July 20) <-- Game client froze and crashed after taking this one.
T'Kanis Nebula (July 24) <-- Taken at quite some distance from the spawn point (which is the worst).

UPDATE [07/22, 2:36pm EDT]:

White blobs now showing in all instances of the "Empire Defense" KDF missions: Romulan, Cardassian, Borg and Federation.

CRYPTIC: please fix this ASAP. Thank you.
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