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# 4 Bring back the old system.
07-19-2012, 05:29 PM
Originally Posted by sheppardus View Post
Has anyone else had problems inviting people to your bridge? The box comes up but no longer auto fills in names, this is very annoying when people have long or complicated names, I have also found out that names with spaces will not register and no invite will be sent even if you copy and paste their name, also there is nothing to say whether an invite has been sent to the player or not.
Please can you bring back the auto fill for players names to make it easier to invite to your ship, or have a list of fleet members/friends and a check box like you have in pvp challenges

Please bring back the old Bridge invite system. The new system is more difficult and there is no follow up message telling you that an invite was sent to the party. I send out invites with no idea if they are being received.
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