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07-19-2012, 07:08 PM
One common mistake i see is people running round in groups in phjase 1.

That said i think phase 2 is really overtuned. there are a couple of groups that are quiet capable of 1 shotting somone when first aggro'd due to the focus fire effect. If it didn't have the respawn penalty it wouldn;t be so bad. Still nice to see a mode where Quantum Mortars are REALLY good though. But would rather phae 2 had a few less NPC's, but tougher ones.

I also think the gorn are overtuned in phase 3. here's a couple of super tough gorn in there, they're vastly tougher than their orion and klink counterparts and it makes burning through them painfully difficult inside the limit. Not that klinks and orions are auto win, but it's a vast difficulty hike. Same on soem of the sabotour choices TBH.