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Apologies is this is not the correct subforum, however they are labelled so poorly that it is hard to tell where this should be posted.

To the issue at hand: I am a Gold member, and have been for 265 days. For at least the last 3 months I have not recieved the monthly stipend of 500 promotional points. I submitted a ticket 5 days ago, and have heard nothing.

Furthermore, when I go to check my ticket, I find that there is now a text on the Support Center main page saying that if I am a Cryptic user I should go to the Cryptic support page. Naturally, I followed the instructions this morning, but on reaching the Cryptic support page I am unable to log in beacuse does not exist anymore, and there is no option to login as a Cryptic user on the PWE version of the STO site.
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