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# 1 Mirror Ship Upgrade Idea
07-19-2012, 09:38 PM
So you got your hands on one of those shiny new mirror ships from the Tholian lockbox? Who hasn't when they're around 3 mill EC on the exchange! Loads of fun flying the Mirror Assault Cruiser.

Problem is compared to Fleet Ships, they're inferior. Now I love the Star Cruiser look. Lot's of people hate it, but whatever, I'm sure theirs also plenty of more science oriented captains who are glad to have a variant of the Sovereign Look that also meets their needs. Now I'd like to have a version of the Mirror Ships that line up with the stats for ships like the Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit and such. It's not that I can't just get a Fleet Starcruiser, but I'd like to keep the Assault Cruisers boff layout with that look. I'm picky, and so are a lot of other players.

So here's what I propose: Add a Mirror refit to the Lobi Store for 300 Lobi, 2 Fleet Ship Modules (Or similar item) and you must have the base mirror ship already unlocked. And hold off a few months or longer on releasing it the Lobi Store so it matches up with when everyone has their Tier 5 Starbase and are rockin' the new Fleet Versions. This will give people who don't like to fleet, and/or do like the Mirror Ships an incentive to purchase C-store items, even if second handed, and also adds a little more ship diversity to end-game. Maybe even give out the old purple mirror look as a skin option for the refit variants.

Cryptic gets money, we get to play a ship that we like with aesthetics we like.

It's a win-win. Also by holding it off for a few months you don't have to worry about it diminishing the impact of fleeting.

Also before you rant about how 300 lobi is 100 to much/low or something these are just a ballpark estimate, obviously if Crypitc were to do something like this they would like different anyway
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