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07-19-2012, 11:24 PM
An update of the Venture class, after some experimentation:

1. The Venture saucer is ALWAYS missing half the windows on its ventral surface.
(See this link for a clear image of the missing windows:
2. If you use ONLY Venture parts, you can use whatever windows you like.
3. If you use Venture parts, but with a Galaxy neck, the windows become different for each section; they show up normally when you hover the mouse pointer over the drop-down list, but when you click on them, the hull section always reverts to Type 1 windows.
4. The nacelles and pylons do not change any of this, and seem to be unrelated to the problem.

Please, the sooner this can be fixed, the better; I paid real money for this thing, and it's been broken ever since I bought it last September. I wouldn't have bought it if the C-store showed the underside with the missing windows (I'm a bit OCD about things matching, and it drives me crazy to look at it).