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07-20-2012, 02:00 AM
I had an interesting private contest with another fleet mate and D'Kora owner tonight.

I had the best success against him with antiproton and polaron. He had the best success against me with the new phased tetryon.

I'm a Tac captain and he is a Sci. I am a new player and he has been playing STO from the beginning and has all the associated legacy/class perks. (at least he was not running any "prototype" weapons which were long removed from the game)

He is a better pilot than me, so even though we had our ships similarly matched, when I ran DC/Turrets, he kicked my butt, since I had trouble keeping my forward guns on him.

When I switched to DBB/BA weapons, I sometimes owned him or held my own very well.

Next, I could not run the Jem Hadar set against him as I kept getting burned down too quick. I had to run full Aegis, which is my best defensive set. I even tried the Borg set and nothing let me survive like the Aegis 3 piece. He was running full Honor Guard XII and Borg console, so he again had a bit of an edge on me in this regard as well.

At the end of the play time, I really appreciated what folks say about STF and PvP. In STFs, it's so much easier to make many builds work well. In a PvP contest, there are so many other factors which can ruin your day, one must fine tune for the challenge at hand.

I did come away from the experience thinking, I would have had a hard time surviving against him with any ship that did not offer some serious self healing and DPS. For my KDF captain, only the D'Kora and Tac Borta seem to fill this niche.

One thing he used a lot was his ability to cloak with the Honor Guard set and jam sensors. So I wondered how things might have been different had I been in a B'Rel.

I don't regret rolling a Tac Captain, but a Sci Captain sure does have an interesting bag of tricks.

Bottom Line.... I'm still very much liking the Polaron build. although there is a time for Cannons and a time for Beams.

Aside... my friend really wants wants a Tholian Orb Weaver. He swares that is going to be the perfect Sci Captain ship.