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07-20-2012, 01:01 AM
Interior - Maybe not put all the rooms on as many decks, condense it down, similar to the current format. Also like the ideas for where to put doff contacts. Maybe not worry so much about BO places on the bridge as a whole new game mechanic would need to be created.

Species - To be fair, Sela has allies from the Delta Quadrant (the Hirogen) and the KDF and Starfleet must have considered it by now (especially now that we have transwarp and quantum slipstream drive. We could at least get the Neelix and the talaxian settlement where he left.

Also, loving the idea of a Delta Quadrant FE series (possibly based around the second Caretaker array? or the Borg's recent strength is due to a new unicomplex? and we'll be going to the Delta Quadrant if and when 'Into the Hive' STF is released anyway). That would be a great time to release the pack (like the Belfast/Defiant pack when the Dominion FE series was playing).
Lastly, no crusty8mac, you may not have a killable Janeway hologram. (If you read the book 'Before Dishonour' she got assimilated, I'm sure that will satisfy your needs).

Loving the feedback guys, keep it coming and any other suggestions, if the Devs see this we might kickstart them into action (there is a bundle in the pipes according to one of the Engineering reports recently).