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07-20-2012, 06:41 AM
The thing with polarons is that they lower the power levels to help you do more dps... but the amount they drain is so low per proc , -25 to all systems that it is very difficult to get stacking procs to really make a difference. In short, at 2.5% proc rate your chances of getting two or three procs triggering inside the 5 seconds the power debuff is in place so that they stack is astronomically small.

Antiproton, phaser and disruptor on the other hand have their procs instantly providing a crippling debuff (spike dps, disable subsystem, -10% resist to hull for 10 seconds) the moment it procs.

Polarons are useful only if you have a drain setup. Tyken+polaron+aceton assimilator+drain drones+power siphon type of thing.