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07-20-2012, 08:26 AM
A more complete KDF uniform request:
  1. As above, the Star Trek (2009) from deleted scenes from Rura Penthe: those greatcoats (complete with glove/bracer and belt/strap options) and those helmets!
  2. The ROBES we see as part of the Guards in First City and in Klingon Academy. There are two of them, and they seem to blend just fine with existing Klingon gear. This includes the 2-tone bordered one seen on the NPC standing on the center platform near the Klingon Academy Holodecks!
  3. The sleeveless greatcoats we see wandering around First City and have seen since launch.
  4. The outfit we see on Worf in First City (might be the same as the robes on the guards)
  5. Klingon gloves! The fingerless ones with the clawlike leather bits coming off the knuckles.
  6. Access to Offduty unifroms (robes specifically, some of which should remain applicable to duty uniforms as mentioned above) but with Sashes applicable.
  7. General Chang's sash and neck (and anything else unique) for anyone who has unlocked the Kahn uniforms on Fed side.
  8. TOS KLINGON options?? (instead of needing to roll "Aliens?".. ok might be a bad idea)

Most of these are already in game!