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07-20-2012, 09:12 AM
It's not exactly the most team orientated tactic, so I don't think everyone will be a fan of this:

The darkness down here seems to have debuffed the NPC's perception. So much so, that with a Stealth Module activated you have to practically hug the enemy for them to see you.

This means that you can actually sneak past the mobs on phase 2, and ambush the saboteur. And if you buff properly, you will 2-3 shot him with a Pulsewave before his mates can kill you (if you don't get away that is). At least using a Vice Admiral you will anyway. A lower level character might not have the buff quality from the lower level kit. Even if I make a mess of it and die after killing him each time, I can pretty much always take care of at least 3 sabotuers myself.

Of course the disadvantage is that if you're doing that, you're not helping your team deal with the mobs. And since you don't kill the mobs, you can't tell where you've been and respawn randomly. So you might have trouble finding the last one. Because of that, I probably wouldn't use it in a properly organised team-run, but I haven't done a properly organised team-run of this yet.

It's not worth using the Stealth Mod in Phase 1 because it slows you down.

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