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07-20-2012, 10:52 AM
1) Omega Force uniform "coat" is broken on females - the upper-most section only gives 4 color selections, whereas male has a wider pallet.

2) An "on-off" switch, similar to MACO lights, would be wonderful for the pouches on the Omega Force body armor and the Grenades on the Omega Force Harvester body armor. Especially as a female, it looks odd having all these shiny grenades strapped to my chest. This could be useful for extraneous parts on some of the other uniforms as well.

3) Crew Uniforms. Two schools of thought here:
a) General uniform with set-able "class" color that changes per npc type (tac, sci, eng)
b) 3 separate crew uniforms, one for each "class"
This would be HIGHLY popular with the RPers in particular. It's odd when we have set fleet uniforms, and we dress our BOs accordingly, but no one else on the ship seems to get the memo.
c) Third idea just came to mind: crew uniforms mimic the bridge officer uniform assigned as head of their department.

4) I'm not sure exactly how the colors are coded (and this has probably been brought up before), but is it possible to give us a hex color selector, or cmyk selector, for most or all the uniform parts? There are some color schemes I'd really like to try that I just can't with the limited color pallets.