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07-20-2012, 01:02 PM
Originally Posted by jorusaton1 View Post
Reposting from another thread.... but.... Problem resolved.

You get a nice "we're really sorry" bundle for linking your cryptic account to your perfect world one, I thought that was a nice touch.

Let's hope that doesn't happen again. Everybody else able to get online now?
As far as I know, they already had a "gift pack" just for linking (with the plans of everything going smooth), or is there an additional gift pack beyond that one?

To update, I'm able to get in now... well, so far; I'm past the username/password screen and it's currently patching/updating. I'm not sure if they fixed it purposely with today's update, or if it was a fluke that finally got fixed when the servers got restarted... there was one thread I recall reading, where a user had mentioned that they think the login server for STO is slow to update, and any form of a password change, maybe even an account linking could take a day or two to fully process... just be ready for maybe *possible* downtime should you link your account or change your password once it's a PWE account. (Kind of wondering since the Cryptic data is stored, if it's some sort of sync up between the Cryptic info and PWE info... as in I'm guessing people who made just straight PWE accounts without any Cryptic background aren't going to have this issue.)