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07-20-2012, 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by synthiasuicide View Post
Well I guess with the Garumba and Dreadnought not having a console but a free ability thats like a Beam Overload, Plus 9 other console slots they figure they are already +1?

And really the Kar'Fi, I have it and while Im Disapointed it has no fleet version. Many consider it the best ship in game. A Carrier, With special Pets, And a good Turn Rate, Shield Mod, etc
They prob consider it already +1.

Same goes the the Oddy and Bortas. They arent getting a fleet version, they are already a +1, 10 Console ship. The Oddy and Bortas that unlocks at Tier 5 Shipyard is only 9 Consoles to the C-Stores 10.

Just IMO, but stat wise and loadout makes since to me. Sadly thats all the ships I bought. Guess I bought the right C-Store ships, but doesnt give me much to look forward to in the fleet store.
It's turn rate isn't anything special, granted it is higher than any other two hanger carrier. It has a good shield mod sure, but its hull is kinda weak...only slightly higher than the Armitage, the fleet version of the Armitage I think has better hull than the Kar'fi.

I honestly don't think the pets make up for a console slot and improved stats.

I'm hoping its suffering from the same problem of the Atrox...and that we will see a flet version of the Kar'fi eventually.