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Originally Posted by redeyedraven View Post
The thing is: 4 modules = 2000 zen = an endgame VA-ship from the store like they were before, and the fleet ships are even better.

Also, if you take the painful effort to get the 200000 Fleet-credits for the retrofit-version or if you own a T5-variant of the fleet-vessel you want, you only need 1 module. However it still is 220000 Fleet-Credits till then.

To me, the principle is rather fair. I could get the Fleet-Intrepid for 1 module and 20000, and because I want the Fleet-Nova instead, I need to get the normal retrofit first to reduce the amount of required fleet-modules. If I want it fast, I need to consider the Fleet-Nova a Z-Store vessel. Fair enough, speeding up things sometimes hurts.
In principle the system seems fair with the 1 module for a T5 you already own, problem is theres only 2 T5 CStore ships that have a fleet variant, the defiant retro and the LSRV retro - Klingons are s*** out of luck ...........again!