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07-20-2012, 04:50 PM
I could be wrong, but I don't believe it is actually "broken", I just think it is overwhelmed and that might not be "fixable".

Think about it, there are different "instances" that players get placed into so no one instance gets overwhelmed when 50 billion players all log on at the same time and try to play.

But the exchange only has one instance, and everything posted there by all players stays up for quite some time. The sheer number of items on the exchange has to be astronomical.

Expecting one database to be able to handle that sheer amount of data and queues from every player wanting to search for a specific item, would easily overwhelm the database.

If you're looking for a specific item, you need to use the search features. Personally I wish they'd get rid of the "all" category all together, and force people to use the search features.

The more specific your search criteria, the more successful you will be. With Season 6 just released, there are lot more players online than before. That means more items being placed onto and bought off of the exchange.
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