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Unfortunately your examples don't hold true.

In just about every case, shuttles or fighters were used as last resorts. Every time Voyager got in a fight, it didn't launch the delta flyer to help. The Enterprise never launched shuttles to help in a fight. DS9 never launched shuttles to help in a fight except in cases where the fight too place out of DS9 weapon range.

Fighters were used against the Borg, but an arguement could be made that they threw everything that flew against that threat out of necessity (and each fighter lasted about 1.3 seconds).

A Carrier however is different. A Carrier's role is to carry smaller craft to the fight, then sit back out of range while the fighters do the work, recover and rearm the fighters, then carry them to the next fight. A ship specifically designed to carry disposable craft (for the Federation) would not use piloted craft (in my opinion).

I'm not saying get rid of Federation Carriers, I'm just saying rename the pets to reflect pilotless drones.

A Klingon would view a fighter pilot as a noble exercise in bravery and fearlessness.

A Federation officer would view a fighter pilot as an unnessecary risk of life, when other alternatives exist.

Given the state of artificial intelligence in Star Trek, why would the Federation put a pilot into a craft that couldn't take more than a single hit from any significant threat?
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