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07-21-2012, 04:03 AM
I just figured out what the problem is with my mail. When I login to my mail account, the mail adress above the password ends with ".com", but in my personal account settings it is stated that my mailname ends with a ".de".
Problem is, I can't change this at my account settings in STO since it is an e-mail change and I have to fill in an authorization code... fu yahoo for changing the end of my adress just because I live in germany... >_>

Now trying to reach the support so they can change it themselves.

The funny thing is, the official account name is name@yahoo,com, but with this I am not receiving any mail, with name@yahoo,de it is the same, I don't receive any mail from f.e. my second mail account or from friends or whatever. Yahoo sucks, I'm going to change it to another adress.

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