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07-21-2012, 04:10 AM
Points why i dont spend any cent to this :

- if u not have the cstore variante, u have to buy a little better non account - non spezialconsol - non new model ship for 20 euro.... Seriously? = way too expensive

-If u have the cstore variante, only Federation get a discount. Klingons seems to be hated because :
#have no ships with discount option
#have a 15 euro destroyer (maybe 10 euro variant, i have both) and we need to pay 20 euro again for fleet version ?
#Feds get Galaxy , Defiant, Intrepid and Armitage with discount option but where is
the Fleet B'rel, Kar'fi or Guramba?

-some of the fleet ships only old Cstore Costumes they i already own... and no i dont get any discount for that

Final Result : not worth to buy

Solution : Sell Moduls for a ton of Fleetmarks