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07-21-2012, 06:08 AM
I never considered the Delta Flyer all that squishy and while not launched 'all the time' in the Voyager series, it did on occasion establish itself as quite capable and resilient in combat (the Tsunkatse episode comes to mind). So I find it rather plausible that 40 years later, Starfleet starts to use them as fighters. One of the reasons Voyager may not have used it that much is because they had only one of them and didn't want to risk them. Also, it wasn't common to use fighters back then...maybe Voyager's Delta Flyer was the thing that got it all started...

Regarding the peregines I agree that they're to fragile, but the runabouts and delta flyers seem like rather plausible Federation fighters...they blow up too often in the game, but that's mostly a game mechanics issue. Lorewise, I could see it happen.

And have you considered that they may be using holographic crew members instead of real ones?
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