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Originally Posted by benj2293 View Post
Oh and i've been testing a similar build to yours, the tanking is undeniable with 3 piece borg + maco shield, however my spinal lance seems to have lost power, any idea how to boost it?
In PvP as a Tactical, with all buffs primed, it's enough to 1-shot anything. If it seems to have lost power, time its use when your buffs are ready.

If for some reason that doesn't work, ask allies to stack Betas, FOMMs, Scans, etc on the target prior to your decloak.

Use your cloak. That's +15% damage right there, not including the WTF?!?!?! factor (which is infinitely useful in pvp).

Trust me, at that point they're dead, no matter who they are and what they're flying save for an RSP (which your team's Sci should be watching for anyway).

But even with RSP, a DEM on a lance that heavily buffed will still hurt. A lot.

Time your shots to coincide with FULL alphas on decloak, coordinate with your team to stack debuffs on your enemies prior to a burst, use all tools available to you, and don't underestimate the WTF factor.

A recent in-house PvP with SOB, I utilized these tactics to defeat our opponents rather efficiently. A war of attrition, since we both had very strong premades, I would literally just tank/heal for 10 minutes while the enemy gets comfortable, saving all SubNucs, alphas, etc etc etc.

While the enemy grew complacent after so long of a stalemate, we struck.


The surprise attack would every time kill 2-4 in the span of a 30 second alpha.

I'd randomize the time of our blitz attacks (sometimes 10min, sometimes 4, sometimes 8, etc) and the timing + catastrophic combination of our combined alphas was extremely effective.

Match was about 40min, but for someone who loves PvP, this was not a bad thing in the least. It resulted in a longer-than-normal match... but a victory for us.

This is one reason why in competitive PvP, I find burst damage FAR more useful than sustained DPS.

You can recover from sustained DPS.

You cannot recover from a powerful burst.

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