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05-01-2009, 09:47 PM
Thank you As I mentioned in my first post, I do not read the forums and had to submit my questions. Aside from my readers I have a good syndication base so this was geared more towards readers who are not frequent readers of the boards, such as our radio fans many of whom had never heard of the game prior.I figured you folks here know most of the stuff anyway. When I did the first interview, it was question for question the same as the one I did that PC Gamer picked up when the game was with the original publisher, which was the first interview done for the game. I chose the questions as we thought it woudl be fun to see how the answers changed with the new developers. The new questions were sent in about 4-6 weeks ago, that were based on questions many readers or convention goers asked me about the game so I told them to tell me what you really what to know, and I will ask, plus I asked some of my own.

One thing about game interviews is that for the most part, questions have all been asked or answered prior. The key is to get them to expand on the answers, or take them in a new direction. However, many game interviews unlike actor and Director interviews do not involve sitting in a room with them or a phone call. Rather you have to submit your questions to your P.R. rep who in turn passes the questions onto a member of the development team who completes them as their schedule allows and then returns it to P.R. . P.R. then must approve the interview and content and send it to me for posting. If a topic is covered that is not approved for release, it does not get answered or posted. Also, team members aside form their work in the game must answer many interview questions, so it stands to reason that some interview answers will be similar.

Cryptic and their team have been great to work with as not only are they have a good turn around. 3-4 weeks is standard, some companies, take the questions, but take months if ever to get back to you. I have one, which I will not name, has just entered month 3 and still waiting. Another issue is conventions, as many times they hold info to reveal at PAX, E3, and so on. I have run into many situations where a game is talked up alot at a convention, they eagerly take your interview questions, and then clam up afterwards saying that the developers are concentrating on the game and not doing interviews currently. I also remember one I did for Prey which was one of the early interviews for the game. They sent it to me, but I had to promise that it would not be posted until the opening day of E3 as much of what was in the interview was disclosed at their booth at E3 for the first time. I can remember having the interview done, with pictures done and sitting in the content system until 9:01 AM Pacific so I could load it.