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By popular request, the thread is back. I've taken the liberty of updating it accordingly.

Before I continue, I should provide the following: WARNING!!! WALL OF TEXT TO FOLLOW!

Now then... Good afternoon, fellow dreadnought users and activists (and those stupid enough to scoff us).

I've been away from the game for a few months, though with Season 6's impending completion, I felt it was worth giving a shot (at least so long as Cryptic maintains the promise that they will give PvP the attention it deserves). Prior to my departure, some of you may have had the chance to view my dreadnought threads in the past, and I hope it helped you in some fashion.

As I hope it will help again.

In the past I've received countless PMs and in-game mails regarding my dreadnought, this thread is in an effort to answer them all universally and provide a central place to define my build and use tactics. A hub for my PvP experience for those interested in learning. I'll be blending both build mechanics and general cruiser PvP into one.

If anyone has further questions, feel free to respond to this thread and I'll do my best to provide as sound a response as I can. If you have something you feel you can (constructively) contribute, feel free. I'm not claiming to be the end-all-be-all source of information on the Galaxy-/Venture-X, and if I've missed anything of note, you are welcome to bring it up.

First, let me get the (seemingly) obvious mistakes out of the way...

1.) Galaxy-X is NOT an Escort. It is a DREADNOUGHT (spelled with an "o", by the way...). A battleship. It is large, slow, hits very hard, able to soak lots of damage, and designed as an anchor for fleet operations and tactics.

2.) Galaxy-X is NOT a Sovereign. Same BOFF/Console layout, but THAT'S IT. Those two factors DO NOT define the ship. If you walk into this thread expecting a comparison to that crap piece of scrap tin showcased in First Contact that I can 2 shot in all of 4 seconds max, may I kindly point you to the exit as nothing you find here will benefit your style of play.

3.) Galaxy-X is NOT for everyone. Most find it to be very difficult to get a rewarding PvP experience out of it (though most will cite it works fine in PvE even with limited skill). This ship requires precision, brains, and reflex to control effectively. It requires you to not only out-think your opponent, but (as you would in Chess) think AHEAD of your opponent and move/act accordingly and with the support of your team.

4.) Galaxy-X is NOT a solo ship (though I will admit that 1v1s are very fun with this ship). Like the Nebula, it is designed for team play, and when anchored with a good team, you are a MONSTER.

An oddity question I received, but I will answer... No, I did not design a website/wiki on the use and mechanics of the Galaxy-X. I am a gamer just like the rest of you, and just happen to enjoy using this ship as opposed to others and post my experience/findings while using it for your benefit/examination respectively. Again, I do not claim to be an authority on the Galaxy-X or STO PvP. I simply enjoy the two, just as most of you do, and have a bit of experience between them.

So then... I've been flying the Galaxy-X for some time, and in all areas of gameplay (PvE Missions, STFs, PvP, and even the new Season 6 Fleet Actions), and have in that time tried a great many things. I've found several variants that work well, and I'll do my best to share them with you.

Doing some number testing in both PvE and PvP, I've found that with JJ's (a 12th Fleet Captain and the one who helped me perfect my first Dreadnought) suggestion of 2x DEM on my original Dreadnought, loading primarily Dual Beam Banks, I was doing well enough however my overall DPS wasn't quite hitting the numbers I wanted. I experimented and swapped my rear torpedo for another turret. My numbers universally improved slightly, but barely enough to notice. I swapped my forward Quantum for a forward Tricobalt. The numbers spiked up significantly as well as providing me a means of bursting my Lance targets down to debris instantly, but still wasn't what I wanted.

The major change came when I swapped my forward DBB's with Single Cannons and adding Cannon - Rapid Fire (CRF) to my arsenal.

For those curious why single cannons... well, you may have noticed, but this ship moves slow. Like it or not, even the best Galaxy-X pilot can't turn on a dime. I can get my nose on any target, but the true test is how long I can KEEP it on that target.

Single cannons bare a 180 degree firing arc, and allows me to bare down heavily on forward DPS bursts as well as broadside. I can, more-or-less, move freely in combat without having to worry too hard about keeping my nose or broadside on my target and maintain that damage.

If I went all beams, I would be provided fine broadside damage (provided I swap my 2x Directed Energy Modulation for Emergency Power to Weapons to maintain through their incredible drain), however the true strength of the Dreadnought, the forward-facing killing power, would be undermined.

And that is not what this ship is about, in my opinion.

Since I came back, I've even swapped out the Tricobalt for another Cannon (4x cannons, 4x turrets) to maximize this capacity and so far I am pleased with the results. While I miss the killing power of the torpedo from time to time, I've evolved enough that I don't require it to get fast, effective kills.

The build with Trico is still very usable however.

Moving on...

This resulted in almost no loss in per-hit damage, though double the firing arc (on this slow of a ship, you notice, and single cannons still generate more damage output than single beams) and the added bonus effect of 2x DEM on cannons versus beams (more hits = greater penetration with DEM, particularly with CRF), my strength bumped up quite a bit.

Note that even with F2P's launch, you STILL want to retain 100% Phasers. Phaser Relays will universally enhance your weapons, including your Lance, and allows us to equip the mix we need of Cannons/Turrets/Beams. Until Cryptic lets us choose the energy type of our Lance, we will continue to use Phaser. Swapping to Antiproton (the other energy types, imho, are not worth slotting on the Galaxy-X) would mean you would need to effectively have 7-8 Single Beams (which receive less benefit from your 2x DEM as well as smaller per-hit damage numbers) to be effective, and use the beam weapon console for maximum effect, but this method does not provide the same instantaneous punch power of the cannon variant. It also means you are constantly swapping between broadside and front arcs, which is not always feasible in active PvP combat as a Tactical. I would use that variant for an Engineer or Science Galaxy-X as opposed to Tactical (you get steady DPS continuous with the occasional light Lance burst, but rarely have the killing power of a Tactical. This would grant you a good means of offense with your Eng or Sci support mechanics).

BAM! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the newer, and sexier with the advent of DirectX 11 beta, U.S.S. Hakaishin N.X. 97626-A (Destruction God, for those that require the Japanese translation).

Note: The following video is not intended to troll/belittle those I have squared off against. It is used solely as a method of demonstration. Thank you for compelling battles, and I look forward to more of the same. See you in PvP.

Cannon Build: Hakaishin PvP: How Many Klingons Can We Make Die?

Cannon Build: Hakaishin PvP: Battle Against Angry Clowns Premade

Cannon Build: Hakaishin PvP: No One Listens To Hakaishin

Cannon Build: Hakaishin PvP: Spartans 1, Klingons 0

Cannon Build: Hakaishin PvP: Don't tell ME It Can't Be Done!

Cannon Build: Hakaishin PvP: Domestic Occupation

Cannon Build: Hakaishin PvP: Destruction God Academy

Cannon Build: Hakaishin PvP: Shades of Grey

Beam Build: Hakaishin PvP: FIRE AT WILL!!!

PvE Application: Hakaishin PvE: FASTEST CE KILL EVAR!!1!1

Note: I include my UI for those who have a difficult time finding a set that works for them, as a reference of what works for me. If you question my key mapping, note that I use a Razer Naga Epic, and the button configuration is what is most comfortable for me given my style of play. I have absolutely no ship functions tied to the keyboard with the exception of turning. My left arm actually has significant nerve damage due to combat injuries sustained overseas, so I bound just about every ship function, to include Ventrillo/Teamspeak, to my mouse. This is the result.

Character Profession: Tactical
Ship Class: Venture-X Dreadnought

Build Link: Current Hakaishin Dreadnought Build

Space DOFF Assignments: 3x Shield Distribution Officers, 1x Cannon Officer, 1x Emergency Power Officer

Standard Power Settings (changes regularly in combat)-

Weapons: 100 / 124
Shields: 50 / 82
Engines: 25 / 60
Auxiliary: 25 / 50

Weapon Loadout -

Fore (PvP): Phaser Cannon Mk XII [ACC]x3
Fore (PvP): Phaser Cannon Mk XII [ACC]x3
Fore (PvP): Phaser Cannon Mk XII [ACC]x3
Fore (PvP): Phaser Cannon Mk XII [ACC]x3

Aft (PvP): Phaser Turret Mk XII [ACC]x3
Aft (PvP): Phaser Turret Mk XII [ACC]x3
Aft (PvP): Phaser Turret Mk XII [ACC]x3
Aft (PvP): Phaser Turret Mk XII [ACC]x3

Yes... I have all ACCx3s. You may substitute other weapons if necessary... this weapon loadout must've costed me about 700 hours and about 180-190mil Energy Credits (a bargain, I know... many have spent even more than that). But, I love it.

If you need to alternate, I recommend [CritH] primarily, followed by [CritD]. [Dmg] modifier is alright, but the aforementioned are far more beneficial, especially with the increased Crit rates base that the new skill system provides.


Fore (PvE): Phaser Cannon Mk XII [ACC] [CritH] [Borg]
Fore (PvE): Phaser Cannon Mk XII [ACC] [CritH] [Borg]
Fore (PvE): Phaser Cannon Mk XII [ACC] [CritH] [Borg]
Fore (PvE): Phaser Cannon Mk XII [ACC] [CritH] [Borg]

Aft (PvE): Phaser Turret Mk XII [ACC] [CritH] [Borg]
Aft (PvE): Phaser Turret Mk XII [ACC] [CritH] [Borg]
Aft (PvE): Phaser Turret Mk XII [ACC] [CritH] [Borg]
Aft (PvE): Phaser Turret Mk XII [ACC] [CritH] [Borg]

Deflector: MACO Mk XII
Engine: MACO Mk XII
Shield: MACO Mk XII

Tactical Console: Phaser Relay Mk XI
Tactical Console: Phaser Relay Mk XI
Tactical Console: Phaser Relay Mk XI

Science Console: Antimatter Spread Module
Science Console: Field Emitter

Engineering Console: Cloaking Device
Engineering Console: Graviton Pulse Generator
Engineering Console: Assimilated Module
Engineering Console: EPS Flow Regulator

Devices: Shield Battery, Engine Battery, Scorpion Fighters, Subspace Field Modulator

Role: Tank, Burst, DPS, Support/Heal

PvP Uses: The Hakaishin Dreadnought is built to do one of two things, and can perform each task equally well.

1.) The surprise and instantaneous elimination of an enemy healer or secondary target (separate of the main group's primary focus target) before rejoining the main party as a supportive DPS and tank/healer while waiting on burst cooldowns.

2.) Focus with the main party, allowing your burst to instantly kill a target with them, allowing the entire group to move on to your next target. This creates swift and uniform kills, and for particularly difficult enemies, allows your group the ability to still successfully break the enemy's spine and turn a tide.

Either way, the general tactics used are the same. Modify to suit your own needs. I should warn you all that I am a military man, and my approach to combat and team play reflects that.

It should be noted that Engineers and Science Captains can still make good use of this ship. I simply recommend swapping all weapons to 8x Phaser Arrays and changing out the Directed Energy Modulation instances for 2 instances of Emergency Power to Weapons. You can maintain 24/7 Emergency Power to Weapons and Shields both, making such a build possible and effective. For that, simply change out to 2x Fire At Will and either a Tac Team or Attack Pattern Beta, your choice.

1.) Cloak at the outset of the match. In-combat maneuvers should be maintained at 1/2 impulse to maximize your ship's questionable turn rate (think of it like a car... the faster you move, the wider your turn will be). Full impulse should only be used to catch prey, retreat, or regroup with your party. Use Engine Batteries, Attack Pattern Alpha, and Evasive Maneuvers as appropriate.

2.) Allow your group to move ahead of you and engage. Linger a minimum of 10km behind the furthest back ally to avoid the initial wave of enemy detection and AoE while cloaked.

3.) Confirm with your group leader if their strategy enables you weapons free on a target of your choosing, or if they need you to focus your guns on their primary target. Coordination is the key to any victory. If you are group lead, decide quickly and instruct your group on what target to focus.

4.) When safe to do so (no Gravity Wells or Plasma in your way, for example), lock in your target and move in to between 2-3km of your enemy's broadside (NOT aft or fore - avoid the possibility of enemy Plasma and their primary firing arc). No greater than 4km (particularly against Escorts - this will improve your damage and keep the enemy in range of a tractor and in position for your Lance). Yes, this is very close, and takes some skill to do properly. So practice.

5.) [Warning! Step 5 encompasses complicated instructions and actions that must be processed VERY quickly! Read carefully and, if you have one, put that Razer Naga (Epic) to good use to better your reaction time!]

Do not decloak. Instead, apply all of your tactical damage-dealing buffs. The 3rd buff will automatically disengage your cloak if within 5km of your enemy, saving you precious seconds.

[IF YOU ARE USING THE TRICOBALT BUILD - RECOMMENDED USE ALONE WITHOUT TEAM SUPPORT] While finishing your buffs, tractor your opponent (if available), launch Scorpion Fighters with Antimatter Spread (the 3 extra "targets" with the scramble sensor effect of AS will make it MUCH harder for the enemy to shoot down your torpedo, retaliate against you, and heal themselves/allies. You've effectively made your enemy militarily irrelevant) and fire your High Yield Tricobalt and Lance before they could react (yes, fire the Tricobalt simultaneously with the Lance, NOT after. Not only does this bridge the time gap between enemy shield strip and torpedo hit, however the Lance beam, as large and bright as it is, will actually "cloak" the incoming Tricobalt, lowering your enemy's chances of shooting it down even further). If done successfully (and it will take a few attempts at practice to get your timing right... I've had the luxury of LOTS of practice, and subsequently, lots of kills), you will rip off the enemy facing shield and between 25%-45% of their hull on a non-critical. With all buffs applied, a critical is capable of 1-shotting an Escort (I've topped 71k damage with 1 of the 2 shots from the Lance on a Defiant... McAllen, if a name is necessary as validation).

[IF YOU ARE USING THE CANNON BUILD - RECOMMENDED USE COMPLIMENTED ON YOUR TEAM'S MAIN TARGET, OR IF YOU ARE AN ENGINEER OR SCIENCE CAPTAIN] While finishing your buffs, tractor your opponent (if available). Open fire with your Lance ASAP upon the decloak, do not grant time for a Reverse Shield Polarity counter. Use your Antimatter Spread to hinder the enemy's ability to heal themselves immediately after and follow up with Cannon Rapid Fire and your full secondary weapons fire. If the Lance doesn't kill them outright, the follow-up fire will make short work of them, particularly with your team's support.

6.) If timed correctly, the enemy (regardless of how strong they are, from Escort to Carrier to Star Cruiser) will die. From here forward, ensure you maintain 24/7 Emergency Power to Shields (your Weapon and Shield power will both be maintained as over 100 indefinitely). You've just pissed someone off royally, and they're likely screaming, "WTF?!!?!" at their monitor. You are now going to become Public Enemy #1. Tank it up!

7.) Maneuver defensively and begin tanking and healing your allies as appropriate. Support DPS any focus targets and/or targets of opportunity while waiting for cooldowns. This ship is still a cruiser and after the burst is done, needs to pilot like one. Support your allies.

8.) Ensure to time skills such as Graviton Pulse Generator, Antimatter Spread, etc to coincide with skills your allies are using to neutralize targets - if your ally uses a SubNuc, it's usually a good idea to follow up with an Antimatter Spread to slow down their ability to remove the effect with a Science Team and make the enemy die much faster/easier. Use common sense and situational awareness.

9.) When your cooldowns are ready (or within 10-15sec of becoming ready), confirm with your team that you're ready for another burst. With your group leader's approval, use Evasive Maneuvers to pull away from the combat zone when safe to do so. After 3 seconds of no damage dealt/received, you will have your Cloak ready for use again.

10.) Repeat from Step #3.

Many use the Galaxy-X as a tank. Many use it as a straight DPS'er. Many use it as a healer. Many use it without a specific role, or without knowing what it is truly capable of.

All of these things the Galaxy-X can do, and can do effectively.

I use it as a Shark. A Sniper. A tool of precision and devastation. A game of Chess.

Strategically move into position with stealth. When the time is right, surgically remove your target from play. Remove yourself from danger when/where appropriate and seek a new vantage point following every shot. Repeat.

This style takes grace and impeccable timing to be truly effective, and is NOT for everyone. If you prefer button mashing, I recommend the Defiant. If you prefer button mashing with slightly better armor/healing, I recommend the Excelsior.

If you prefer to be the tide that changes a battle in your favor, I recommend learning how to use the Galaxy-X effectively before knocking its abilities.

There is no such thing as a poor ship, and likewise a great one (even to those who knock the Miranda, I used it on Tribble with sub-par White equipment all the way through the Romulan and Breen campaigns. Friends of mine have taken shuttles through the old Borg campaign missions).

Only a comparable Captain and team/group make or break a ship.

To quote the famous IT proverb: You cannot blame the system for user error.

Good hunting, dreadnoughts.
I can beat your ship