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07-21-2012, 12:19 PM
We made it to stage 4 on the Hard interior ship destruction never saw that room before
we had a nice team of engineers and taxI had a bunker engineer

Tried to set up phaser turret med and shields and force dome personal shield barrier to delay tholians

Looks like we have to man the consoles to trigger explosives vent plasma activate holodeck same time as we defend the Core self destruct sequence?

shroud pets security escort and hortas look good to buy time here but you get swarmed zerged.. ITs classic DEV TM end game think

You have people that want action fine. .well i don't grind STFS to have a purple everything
so i can only go so far i guess. I don't see it as unbeatable my Orbital strike worked on mobs.. I think split beam may be better then my high density Anti proton here..

I think idealy this is no Different then old Gold Box D & D if you got a special item then something is showing up soon you need it on..

So you must do the Surface first Get ELITE anti Tholian Protective Suit and Weapon then come back.. I had to log to get dinner ready so pap shows up he can eat.. That's my STF
Stuff the father..

In the interior prison more then one team can be i nthe place at same time.. its easier map.. go in one person interacts solves piuzzels rest defend them. .
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