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Where's the love for Aquaman Fans?
Wrong franchise friend.


But I'd imagine the Pym Ant Man.

Now some very BAD NEWS:

For those who are a fan of the Marvel U(niverse) comics.... 9 titles will be cancelled in October for the "not reboot" reboot of that universe for the most part. This universe is the original that has been around for a long time but takes place right after Avengers vs X-Men occurs. Pretty much starting "new" after this event ends.

These titles so far include:
Fantastic Four
Captain America
Mighty Thor
Invincible Iron Man
Incredible Hulk
New Mutants
Uncanny X-Men
X-Men Legacy

Apaprently Uncanny Avengers will be taking over all of these titles. For me personally Mighty Thor, Invincible Iron Man, New Mutants, and Incredible Hulk will hit me hard...I loved those.

Apparently Avengers Academy might be ending very soon, but again for me personally I could care less..after the Fear Itself event that comic series went downhill fast and I pretty much hate all the characters involved.

But none the less it is sad to see some long-lasting series getting the can for a stupid cover-up reboot.!!!

This new direction Marvel is taking, called Marvel NOW has shaken up fans in a negative way already. Some are "ok" while others have been voicing many many concerns which have some merit. Info on Marvel NOW here:

To sum that up: Avengers vs X-Men changes the world dramatically, and new enemies have emerged as well. Some people have redeemed themselves, others have doomed themselves..and some who have fallen literally are back in questionable ways. But mainly this is trying to merge the Ultimate Universe / Movies into the original Marvel Universe.

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