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07-21-2012, 03:29 PM
I run with 4 kits on both of my Engineers... and its situational

Doffs (All Purple)
Armory Officer
Fabrication Engineer
Explosive Expert
Diagnostic Engineer
Nurse <--- Will be a Warfare Specialist against Borg when I get one


Weapon: Split Beam and Maco Rifle (KHG for my KDF Engineer)

Fabrication Specialist on the path to the Captain
Enemy Neutralization in the Captains room
Fabrication Specialist on the way to Rebecca
Equipment Technician in Rebecca's room (KDF: I exchange the split beam for a sniper) (Fed: I exchange the split beam for a pulsewave)


Weapons: Pulsewave and Maco/KHG

Enemy Neutralization is all you need for the whole map.


Weapons: Split Beam (switch to pulsewave in last area) and Maco/KHG

Fabrication Kit the whole way down to the area.. If you're doing the room don't change kits..
Enemy Neutralization if you're on the node team..

Boss room doesn't matter its easy enough with either kit...


I honestly see more people using Enemy Neutralization than any other kit
It's also more effective in the new ground fleet missions..
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