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07-21-2012, 04:05 PM
When in Rome...

Same doffs minus the diagnostic


Fabrication and Split/MACO till Ogan
Bombs and Pulse/MACO for Ogan
Swap to Fabrication and drop mortars, then bombs the rest of the way
Equipment Tech and double sniper for Rebecca


Bombs + Pulse/Maco
Drop out of combat before each transformer gauntlet and Armek, put on Fabrication drop mortars, turrets, and then back to Bombs.


Bombs and pulse the entire way to the boss
Drop turrets, mortars, everything in the doorway (sometimes swap to bunker, too, for those) then back to bombs. Ill usually whip out a high density for the fight as well, or my split.


As far as using Fabrication Specialist in KAGE, I *really* hate it when people do that. The mortar is nearly as retarded in its targeting as security escorts are and it nearly always moves drones around so you either have to do a lot of backtracking to get the appropriate number killed or it pulls extra down on you at the worst possible times.

For that mission, its best to just not use any pets at all till you get to dropping the shield generators. Then you want chaos and havoc, not before.