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Originally Posted by sdkraust View Post
Since yesterday this is the standard drop for Elite STFs:

2 EDCs
1 Prototype Salvage / 1 Rare Component / 1 Prototype Component / 1 Random Mk XI/XII Item (Usually Deflector / Engine / Shield for space, I got a Shield once in ground ) (Purple or Blue)
1 Tholian Lock Box.

This is not worth it anymore. You used to get An extra item because the Lock Box did not count as an Item. Its Absurd and needs to be fixed IMO.
To me it doen't feel any different, however my luck with the rng is so bad it's probalby not apparent to me. All stf accolades were finished months ago including all 100+ runs yet I have yet to complete either space set and only 1 ground set. But I ASSUME that like the Fbomb boxes; they arn't part of the loot table, but thats just an assumption on my part.

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