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07-22-2012, 03:42 AM
Actually it's a friend who had the fleet credit, and was all excited about getting one, then found out that he couldn't.

With 11 ships in provisions and no takers for a day or so, is there someone who can now get one who is being deprived? I wouldn't be surprised if you opened it up wide today, and next Sunday there is still plenty in stock. This may be a large fleet, but it's a fleet of alts.

I personally have the ships it want for this tier on non-kitties. I got the Fleet Qin, and the Fleet Pattrol on the Fed side. I also have discovered that Quad Disruptors with increased proc and 4x damage are great!

As for my kitties, with a Garumba on one, and a Kar'Fi for the one I play most here, there is no love this round. If there is a ship that's interesting for them, it has yet to be announced.

Anyway, I had to make the request.

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